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Who We Are



(n.) A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect.

A Venture Hotel for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

We know what it takes to start, run and grow a business. We understand the journey of entrepreneurship and business building, and Tribe Theory is a space for you to explore and engage with like-minded people on the same journey.


There is rest for the intrepid and weary entrepreneur at Tribe Theory Hotel. We offer affordable yet soulful accommodation in the heart of every capital city. A space where you can work, engage with others who are on the same entrepreneurial journey and be inspired!


To build Tribe Theory into a global hotel brand which provides affordable yet soulful accommodation for young startups and entrepreneurs.

Core Values

We believe in building human connection amongst a like-minded community of global citizens through an inspired business travel experience.


The Inspiration

Chinese legend has it that a migrant-carpenter from Guangdong province, Chow Ah Chey (曹亚志), led the initial expedition and first planted the British flag on Singapore soil. As his reward, the British gave him land that he used to establish the earliest hometown clan (公司) in 1822. The clan purchased the hotel building in 1927, using it as the club headquarters of Ning Yeung Wui Kuan (宁阳会馆).

Tribe Theory Singapore

Almost every street has a century or more of history and culture. The many tribes and businesses that dwelt here all have their unique and inspiring stories. Against the odds, many of them have stood the test of time, even as their surroundings have only known change.

Whether it is the chicken rice from the hawker store that Anthony Bourdain must have when he is in town or the world's 24th best bar, epicurean delights are just around the corner and down the street. If you wish to turn from worldly indulgences to spiritual inspiration, the country's first Hindu Temple, Tamil Mosque and Hokkien Temple (a World Cultural Heritage site) are a short pilgrimage away.

What Are We Trying To Do

We want to create a place where entrepreneurs have a comfortable and affordable stay, meet like-minded people, work effectively and be inspired. We offer affordable yet soulful accommodation in the heart of every capital city. A space where you can work, engage with others who are on the same entrepreneurial journey and get some much-needed and every elusive sleep.

Be Inspired

Singapore is known for its thriving start-up environment, and base for businesses for SEA locations for organizations. Opportunity for inspiration abounds, with this open and helpful community.

Tribe Theory will provide you with a list of happenings in the city, and recommendations for networking events that will add value to your business and spark inspiration from others along your journey, and at all different stages in it.

After work, take a walk down the staircase of the nearby park will transport you to the skyscrapers of Singapore’s Central Business District from where these businesses started as ideas in the area's storied clubs and clans. From a Spice Islands plantation to Chia Ann Siang's Estate and illustrious clubs such as Ee Hoe Hean and Goh Loo, come live, work and play where Tan Kah Kee and Lee Kong Chian laid plans with Sun Yatsen and Jawaharlal Nehru to become founders.

A Place for Entrepreneurs

Being on a budget doesn't mean you can't stay in an inspiring atmosphere while traveling for business. Come stay at the Tribe Theory Hotel and be surrounded by other fellow entrepreneurs and be inspired to build your business.

People We Love

  • Startup founders and startup employees – all stages
  • Creatives and Freelancers
  • Tech conference attendees
  • Corporate / SME working professionals
  • Recently relocated professionals





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